Other Machines and Plants

Complete Project for Electrical Wire And Cable Plant (Semi Automatic / Automatic / PLC controlled) :

  • Extruder ranging from 25 mm to 150 mm screw diameter
  • Die heads in various designs like self centering, die centering
  • Capstan units in various designs
  • Caterpillar upto 5000 kgs (Pneumatic) traction force
  • Payoff/ take up units up to 12ft drums in various designs like portal type, pillar type , A type.
  • Accumulators /Dancers Air wiper units
  • Bi colour extruder
  • Rotatory machines
  • High Speed wire drawing machine for Aluminum and copper
  • Wire Bunching machines and Twisting machines

Complete Project For Single Screw And Twin Screw Pipe Plant (Semi Automatic / Automatic / PLC controlled)

  • Single screw extruder 25 mm to 150 mm screw diameter (Automatic / semi automatic / PLC controlled)
  • Die heads in various designs
  • Cooling / vacuum tanks
  • Cater Pillars
  • Auto Cutting Saw
  • Auto chutes High speed mixers, Heating and cooling mixers
  • Scrap grinders
  • Bi Color extruder
  • Feeding extruder
  • Auto Coilers
  • Auto Hopper Loaders
  • Automatic HDPE / PE Pie coilers
  • Twin screw extrusion lines from 25 mm to 150 mm (auto / semi automatic / PLC controlled)

Completer Project for Film Blowing Machines (Semi Automatic / Automatic / PLC controlled)

LLDPE /HM-HDPE/LDPE (Monolayer) Blow film Plant
To manufacture film for Shopping Bags / Packaging Textile, Confectionery,Twist Warp, Dairy Items, Processed Food, Green Houses etc

LLDPE Shrink / Foam Blown Film Plant
  • To manufacture LLDPE shrink film for shrink packaging and warping
  • To manufacture LLDPE Foam Film for wall calender, shopping Bags etc.

Polypropylene to Blown Film Plant
To manufacture Film for Ready made garments, Hosiery, Knitwear, Stockings, Blankets, Bed-Spreads, Sarees, Table, Cloths, Bread, Cake, Buns, Dry-Fruits, Papads, Wafers, Nuts, Popcorns, Biscuits, Flowers, Nursery Seeds etc. APP film packaging is widely in demand in the market. Vijayalaxmi Machines has developed superb and economical rage of PP Plants, where you will find screw diameter ranging from 25 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm and 65 mm. It can give maximum output 90 Kgs. Per hour. A screen changer and rotating die are the optional suppliers of our products.

PVC Heat Shrinkable Blow Film Plant
To manufacturing Shrinkable PVC film for Labels for Mineral Water Bottles, Edible oils Canes/ bottles, beverages, food products, juices cosmetics, pesticides, shrink tube for dry cell battery, bus bars, capacitors & all other packaged products.

Zip Lock Film Plants (magic Seal Bags)
To manufacture Zip-Lock film for making Bags with Zip-Lock. These bags are ideal for Pouches, Storage bags, Freezer bags. T-Shirt bags, garments, textiles etc. Zip-Lock is also ideal for BOPP & Polyester Pouches for pasting.

Co- Extrusion Multi layer Blown Film Plants
To manufacture films for packing of Milk. Ta, Coffee, Vegetables, Chips, Bread, Meat, Cheese, Fish, Frozen products, Detergents etc.

Sheet Line Plants for HIPS / ABB/ PP/ PET/ PVC/ (Mono & Multi layers)
To manufactures HIPS / ABS / PP/ PET/ PVC mono and multilayer sheets for various applications like thermoforming/vacuum forming, Office files Luggage, Office furniture, Roofing, and other applications.

Cast Film Line Plants (Monolayer & Multilayer)
To Manufacture Strength film, Cling Films, Barrier Films, Blister Films, Embosses Film, Masking Films & CPP Films Form thickness 15 micron to 250 micron and for width upto 1800 mm.

HM/LD/LLDPE Multilayer Blown Film Plants: With 2 Layers and 3 Layers
  • Agglomerator to grind Plastic Waste.
  • Blown Film Lines with Oscillating Platform.
  • Automatic Winders for Winding the Sheets.
  • Automatic Slitting and Rewinding Machines
  • Automatic Sutting and Sealing Machines

Complete Project for PP/HDPE-T-Die Sutli Plant (Semi Automatic / Automatic / PLC controlled)

To company has developed "T" Die String (Suit)Plant/Blown Film Type/ String (Sutli) Plant suitable for PP synthetics jute, Due to "T" Die system, machines gives high production of sutli. Auto cheers winder is provided in different, width of coil as per the requirements of coil width of 40 mm, 50mm, 60mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. You can choose from screw dia of 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm. The principal application of plastics string (sutli) is for packaging tiening of bags as a substitute for jute sutli and rope making.

Complete Project for PP/ HDPE Box Strapping Plant (Semi Automatic / Automatic / PLC controlled)

  • Models for manual & Heat Sealable Straps
  • Strap Sizes from 6 mm to 19 mm
  • Higher Production Plants. (min 20 Kg/. Hour to 100 Kg/. Hour)
  • Helical Gear Box with Inbuilt Thrust Bearing
  • Hydraulically Operated Embossing Unit.

Complete Project For Reprocessing Master Batching and Compounding Plant (Semi Automatic / Automatic / PLC controlled)

  • Single Screw and twin screw plastic reprocessing plant.
  • Single screw and twin screw batch plant.
  • Automatic Palletizing Lines with Air or Water ring Die Face Cutter, Internal Mixer (Kneaders).
  • Vented Extruder with Air Ring Water Ring Die Face Cutter
  • Modified Automated Pelletizing Lines with air & Water ring Die
  • Face Cutters for Heat Sensitive Polymers like Ethylene Vinyl Acetates 9EVA Injection compound).
  • Pelletizing Die Face Cutter.
  • Automated Die Face Cutter
  • Automated Pelletizing Line Die Cuter
  • Hydraulic Screen Changer
  • Plastic Compounding Machines
  • Plastic Recycling Machines.
  • Plastic Recycling Equipments
  • Vented Plastic Extrudes Line.
  • Thermoplastic Extruder Line.
  • Rubber Compounding Machines
  • Twin Screw Extruder
  • Hydraulic Screen Changer
  • Sigma Kneaders
  • High Speed and Slow Speed Mixers
  • Agglomerations
  • Chemical Kettle
  • Single Screw Vented Extruder for Nylon
  • Screen Changers
  • Vibratory Classifiers
  • Strand Palletizers

Complete Project for PVC Blown Film Plants (Semi Automatic / Automatic / PLC controlled)

  • Fully Automatic PVC Cling Film Plant
  • Fully Automatic PVC Stretch Film Plant
  • Fully Automatic PVC Film Plant
  • Fully Automatic PVC Sheet Manufacturing Plant
  • Automatic Slitting and Rewinding Systems
  • Automatic Winders for the PVC Film

Complete Project For PP/ Nylon/ HDPE Plants (Semi Automatic / Automatic / PLC controlled)

  • Fully Automatic Machines for the HDPE Extruders
  • Fully Automatic Machines for the HDPE Extruders

Complete Project For The Injection Moulding Machines (Semi Automatic / Automatic / PLC controlled)

  • Fully Automatic Plants Form 35 T 1000T
  • Fully Automatic Plants for PVC / ABS / Nylon/ PET/ HDPE/ PP/LD/PE Etc.

Complete Projects For Thermoforming Machines (Semi Automatic / Automatic / PLC controlled)

  • Fully Automatic Plants for thermoforming and vacuums forming Plants