Packaging Films

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PVC Rigid Sheet

Features of PVC Rigid Sheet

PVC rigid sheets have the highest light transmission as well as uniformity characteristics. They also have high fire-retardant characteristics and resistance to weathering. They are non-toxic in nature. PVC rigid sheets also have high impact resistance and excellent formability characteristics.

PVC Cling Films

Features of PVC Rigid Sheet

PVC cling films manufactured from semi-rigid or plasticised PVC is ideal for wrapping of food products. By being permeable to steam and oxygen, PVC helps keep food fresh. PVC cling films also have high clarity, good puncture resistance and elasticity recovery characteristics.

PVC Soft Films

Features of PVC Soft Films

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PVC Shrink Films

Features of PVC Shrink Films

PVC shrink films features excellent sealability and is independent of unpleasant fumes. It offers high shrink capabilities at very low temperatures and it also features high resistance to tears. PVC shrink films are ideal for packaging various food products. PVC shrink films also feature excellent machinability.